Lobstah Salad

Today is your lucky day, and my family’s too. Lobstahs were on sale at Giant. They only had small chicken lobsters, between 1# and 1 1/4#, which yield just about 2/3C of cooked lobster meat each.

Soooo, I bought 6 chicken lobsters to make my version of lobster salad. There are lots and lots of recipes on the internet for lobster salad, and purists will not like my version, but, it’s got lots of flavor and we like it.

What you need is 4C lobster meat from tails and claws, or purchased. That said, to buy lobster meat is about $23.99 per pound. I brought the six lobsters home and steamed them for 13 minutes each, in a huge pot of water, 3 at a time. Then I let them cool.

I shelled and cut up the lobster meat and set it aside. To the lobster I added the juice of 1 1/2 lemons, 2 stalks of celery, finely diced, and approx. 1/4 of a red onion, finely diced. I used approximately 1/4 C of light mayo. Do not add the mayo all at once. You shouldn’t taste the mayo; it’s just designed to hold it somewhat together.

Now, to make it officially Maine Lobstah Salad, you need to find top cut rolls, brush them with butter and toast them lightly – then add the beautiful lobstah salad and dig in!

By way of explanation, purists will use lobster, mayo, and maybe, some finely diced chive on top. I personally like the added textures the celery and onion add. You’ll notice there is no additional salt as the lobster itself if high in natural salt, though, if you’d like to add some zing, adding a pinch of cayenne to the mix is a great option.

No matter how you do it, lobstah rolls make a great summer lunch or dinner. Yup!




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